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Plastic Karma Keep Cup

Clear plastic Karma keep cups with cork band and silicon lids, 16oz/535ml.


11 vibrant coloured Plastic lids and cork band.

Locally stocked for fast turnarounds!

High quality AS plastic 16oz/535ml cup.

Mix and match your desired colour combination with 121 various colour options.

Not dishwasher or microwave safe.

Specific colours available upon request.

Individual Box Size 16cm Height, 8.2cm Width, 8.2cm Deep.

Available Lid Colours: Black, White, Yellow (PMS109), Orange (PMS021), Red (PMS485), Pink (PMS197), Purple (PMS268), Green (PMS368), Turquoise (PMS326), Blue (Process Cyan), Navy (PMS288)



Plastic Karma Cups with cork band and silicon lid

Clear plastic karma cups with cork band and silicon lid